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Since 1979 Cummings Brothers Truck & Trailer Repair has been servicing South Florida with quality workmanship and fast, convenience service. Our certified technicians have over 100 years of truck repair experience combined, offering everything from routine repairs to full-service maintenance programs.



Cummings Leasing, Inc. is a full service transportation provider, offering transportation resources, contract maintenance and fleet service. Our truck leasing division offers full service truck leasing and rental. Cummings Brothers Truck Repair provides programmed maintenance of trucks, tractors and trailers.

We have been growing our company for over 30 years in South Florida and have worked to provide full-service fleet support for our customers. Cummings is an affiliate of Nationalease and a member of TRALA, a transportation support association that represents our interests in Washington and Tallahassee. Through these organizations we are able to stay on the leading edge of technology and training and offer great service to our clients.

Cummings Leasing, Inc. is a certified Green Company.

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